Thursday, 7 January 2010

Freezing toes

I managed to get to the stall for a few hours today but boy was it cold. The car said it was -10 degrees. The views driving over to Clitheroe were stunningly beautiful and the roads were mainly clear. My feet however got so cold despite all the layers and the plastic bags I had on each foot. The pain was terrible. It really made me think. I'm relatively young (ish) I had lots of layers on and I was still suffering. Anita on the cooked meat stall recommended 'thousand mile' socks. They are about £16 a pair but she said her feet were toasty warm. Tonight involves an internet search for socks.
I left the stall early so I could go to Asda and get home again before darkness started to fall and the temperature dropped.
Asda car park was terrible so I stocked up for ages (lots of Ovaltine and mini marshmallows) and then I don't have to go near there before next week.
I have been getting a lot of knitting done during this cold snap. Mainly samples for the stall but I seem to be getting through lots of work. Tonight I'm working on a hot waterbottle cover in Lanashire wool. Plus I will be enjoying my brand new Eddie Izzard DVD 'Stripped' which I sneaked in with the shopping today. I was going to treat myself before Christmas but the kids told me to hang on for Christmas day unfortunately they forgot about it and Eddie wasn't in my stocking on Christmas morning boo hoo.