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Fund Raising

On the 26th of June some of ther shops and businesses around Clitheroe are holding a ‘Help For Heros’ fund raising event. I will have a collection bucket on the stall and any money donated will go towards this appeal. If by any miracle I’m in the shop I’ll arrange additional activities. If you would like to support this worthy fund there will be lots of collection buckets around town. If you want to get involved visit Susan Street the manageress at M & Co who is coordinating the fund raising.

I’ve just watched a documentary on NOMA victims in Ethiopia and the charity ‘Facing Africa’ who arrange for plastic surgeons and medical teams who volunteer their time to help the victims of this terrible disease. I was really touched by the children in the documentary and I’d like to arrange some fund raising such as a coffee morning when I get into the shop to raise funds for the charity. The documentary is still on I player if anyone wants to see it. The documentary does show some serious cases of this disfiguring disease and operations so take care if you are sensitive.

Any fundraising ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Olympics 2010

Is anyone else watching the winter Olympics?
I don't generally watch sport on TV apart from ice skating but I'm totally addicted to the BBC this week. My I-player is getting such a battering.
Currently I'm watching the ladies downhill skiing. Wow these ladies are tough.You've got to admire the people who have such dedication and put so much work and focus into something. amazing
The scenery these sports are taking place in is visually stunning. I have family in Canada and I was lucky enough to visit. I loved the country. My favourite area was the day we spent in an Amish county. It was so calming and pleasant both the scenery and the people.

Friday, 12 February 2010

New Web Site

Hi all it has been a busy few weeks.
If you visit my website you will see it is disabled. I haven't closed down or anything drastic like that. I have a brand spanking new website on the way.
I've learnt more about the finer points of web hosting, domain names and setting up a web site in the past week than I ever knew before.Luckily I came across 'Green Cottage Designs' in Sabden and a nice man called Mick who answered all my questions without laughing at my ineptitude.
Hopefully they can get a lovely new site up and running for me very soon. Plus I was especially delighted to discover that 'Green Cottage' plant a tree on Pendle Hill for every website they set up. Pendle Hill is in my top 5 favourite places in the world so that is a bonus.

For those people like me who like lists here is my top 5 (Please mentally insert 'Pick of the Pops' music and a Dale Whinton voice)
In at number ----5. Ullswater
4. Pendle Hill
3. Tintagel Castle
2. Whitby
1. Giants Causway

It is the first day of half term today and everyone here is either watching a DVD or online. I'm sure as it is 10.30am I should make an effort and get up and get moving. This is the first day in ages that I've been able to lie in, it is such bliss although the 'to do' list is looming in my brain.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Still blogging

I'm still around and haven't given up blogging after 2 or 3 posts. But like the diary I started keeping I've been a little lax in recording my ramblings this past week.
I had a bit of a yukky day yesterday. I had the great joy of having a lumber puncture yippeee. I have to say it was much better than the one I had 20 years ago but still was not a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. So today I've been resting and apart from spending way to much time on a tetris game I'm not feeling too bad.
I finished my hat and scarf on Monday I'm really pleased with them. Now I've just got to decipher my notes and write up the patterns. The scarf will be pretty easy to compile but the hat pattern seems to be written in some ancient form of hieroglyphics and might be a little trickier.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard is fabulous. I'm loving the new DVD

Freezing toes

I managed to get to the stall for a few hours today but boy was it cold. The car said it was -10 degrees. The views driving over to Clitheroe were stunningly beautiful and the roads were mainly clear. My feet however got so cold despite all the layers and the plastic bags I had on each foot. The pain was terrible. It really made me think. I'm relatively young (ish) I had lots of layers on and I was still suffering. Anita on the cooked meat stall recommended 'thousand mile' socks. They are about £16 a pair but she said her feet were toasty warm. Tonight involves an internet search for socks.
I left the stall early so I could go to Asda and get home again before darkness started to fall and the temperature dropped.
Asda car park was terrible so I stocked up for ages (lots of Ovaltine and mini marshmallows) and then I don't have to go near there before next week.
I have been getting a lot of knitting done during this cold snap. Mainly samples for the stall but I seem to be getting through lots of work. Tonight I'm working on a hot waterbottle cover in Lanashire wool. Plus I will be enjoying my brand new Eddie Izzard DVD 'Stripped' which I sneaked in with the shopping today. I was going to treat myself before Christmas but the kids told me to hang on for Christmas day unfortunately they forgot about it and Eddie wasn't in my stocking on Christmas morning boo hoo.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Photo of a couple of Angels!!!!!!!

This is a test photo to see if I can work this blog template.
I just had to post the embarrassing photo which my two girls will complain about.
Aren't they angels????
Mums are SOOOOOO embarrassing.

Still playing

Well I've put links from my web site and Ravelry which seem to be working.
I've spent two hours resizing photos and messing with fonts and so far I haven't crashed anything.... hurrah.
Next job is to up load some photos of Katie our glamorous snow person.

testing testing

Well I've finally set up a blog spot.
Will I know what to do with it??
Will I keep it going or forget to post after a few days?
Who knows but we shall see.
Now got to try and work out how to upload photos.
Hugs Liz