Friday, 12 February 2010

New Web Site

Hi all it has been a busy few weeks.
If you visit my website you will see it is disabled. I haven't closed down or anything drastic like that. I have a brand spanking new website on the way.
I've learnt more about the finer points of web hosting, domain names and setting up a web site in the past week than I ever knew before.Luckily I came across 'Green Cottage Designs' in Sabden and a nice man called Mick who answered all my questions without laughing at my ineptitude.
Hopefully they can get a lovely new site up and running for me very soon. Plus I was especially delighted to discover that 'Green Cottage' plant a tree on Pendle Hill for every website they set up. Pendle Hill is in my top 5 favourite places in the world so that is a bonus.

For those people like me who like lists here is my top 5 (Please mentally insert 'Pick of the Pops' music and a Dale Whinton voice)
In at number ----5. Ullswater
4. Pendle Hill
3. Tintagel Castle
2. Whitby
1. Giants Causway

It is the first day of half term today and everyone here is either watching a DVD or online. I'm sure as it is 10.30am I should make an effort and get up and get moving. This is the first day in ages that I've been able to lie in, it is such bliss although the 'to do' list is looming in my brain.